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How Do I?

Website Navigation & Basic Functions

  • Select a product category in the menu on the left to quickly navigate to the items you’re looking for.
  • Click ‘Shop’ in the menu at the top to see all the product categories with thumbnail photos.
  • Click an item to see more information including sizes and pricing.
  • If the quantity of an item is above 1 by default, that is the minimum quantity required to order it. Some items are sold ‘by metre’: the quantity you enter is the desired length.
  • Click ‘Update Order’ to add an item to your basket. To quickly return to the previous page, click ‘Back’ on your web browser.
  • Click ‘View Basket’ to adjust quantities and remove items. Change the number in the quantity box and click ‘Update Order’ to apply changes.
  • Click ‘Checkout’ in the menu at the top, or on the ‘View Basket’ page, when you’re done making selections.


  • Click ‘Checkout’ in the menu at the top, or on the ‘View Basket’ page, when you’re done making selections.
  • The first checkout page will ask for your billing and delivery information, including special info for delivery (e.g. ‘leave items in carport’). All information recorded during the checkout process is encrypted for security purposes.
  • The second checkout page will ask you to choose delivery and payment options. See the ‘Delivery’ section below for a full explanation of each option. You can also enter special info and a message if you have specific delivery instructions.
  • There are three payment options: ‘Pay by Credit Card’ (the checkout will take your credit card info in a secure form on the next page), ‘Pay by Direct Deposit’ (you will be provided with our bank information), and ‘Payment on Pickup’ (cash or card: for customers picking up their order in-store).
  • Your card will not be charged until your order is packed and freight costs have been confirmed.
  • The third checkout page will confirm all of the details you entered in the first two pages.
  • The fourth checkout page will confirm that your order was successful. Congratulations! You made the right choice by shopping with PipeOnline.

Delivery Options

During the checkout process you have multiple options for delivery. You will not be charged for your order until we have confirmed that the delivery option selected is suitable for your order & everything is ready to go. If that isn’t the case we will be in contact with you shortly to discuss your options.

Please note that if any items received have faults covered by manufacturer warranty, it is your responsibility to return that item to us, and our policy is to send the replacement item to you.

  • Australia Post Bag (Regular or Express) is a cheap and reliable option for small orders that could fit in an A3 satchel. Australia Post takes minimum 2+ business days to deliver parcels. If this option is selected and the chosen items do not fit into an Australia Post bag we will contact you to discuss alternative shipping options.
  • ‘WA pick up’ is a free option for anyone who would like to pick up their order from our warehouse in Welshpool.
  • There are two ‘WA only’ delivery options for customers within 20km distance of Welshpool: Next Day Courier Parcel and Next Day Roof Racks:
  1. Select ‘WA only - Courier Parcel’ if you’re only purchasing smaller items (no lengths of pipe), you need them ASAP, and you’re within 20km of Welshpool (our store location).
  1. Select ‘WA only - Roof Racks’ if your order includes lengths of pipe and you’re within 20km of Welshpool (our store location).
  • ‘Please Quote Delivery’ should be selected if you don’t know what option to select, your items don’t fit in an Australia Post A3 satchel, if you live more than 20km distance from our store, or if you live outside of Western Australia.